Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Japanese Antiques, Dolls, Pottery SALE

Japanese Antiques, Dolls, Pottery SALE

Spring Sale

WaSabiDou: Antiques & Folk Crafts

All tansu will be
discounted 15%, & all
pottery, prints, & textiles
will be 10% off.

Plus: A vintage
collection of dentou

kokeshi from Northeastern
Japan will be featured.
These playful folk toys, made by
generations of
artisans, are wonderful examples of mingei

tradition still alive in rural

(S,Su,M)March 19,20, 21 & (F,S)March 25,26.
11:00am to 5:00pm daily, or by appointment.

127 NW 136th Street,
Seattle, WA 98177

info:206.660.4189 or

This year has welcomed an early spring to Seattle! The Cherry Blossoms are already in full bloom in most parts. I'll be holding an open house sale over the next few weeks; with discounted prices on tansu, ceramics, and more. As seen on the attachment, there will also be several (about 40) vintage kokeshi for sale, as well as papier mache folk toy roosters for the current Asain zodiac year. These, and the kokeshi, are from my family's region of Tohoku (Northeastern Japan,) and convey the folk sensibilities of rural Japan. Hope you can drop by to visit over a cup of tea, and exchange views on antiques and folk crafts.
Please feel free to forward this notice to anyone you think would also be interested. I'm building a few distribution lists, so if you happen to receive this twice, my apologies in advance. Thanks.

A web page is currently under construction at www.mingei-wasabidou.com and new inventory items will be added daily (between feedings and changings of a new baby due any day now.) in hopes of having 300-400 up in the next month Please stop in regulalry. Thanks for your support.

Best regards,
Tatsuo Tomeoka
WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts

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