Sunday, November 06, 2011

Contemporary NW Potters - New Works

WaSabiDou is always proud to feature the work of local artists. Images to the right, from top to bottom, are: Winter Tea Bowl by George Gledhill, of Payette, ID; Shino glaze Yunomi (Tea Cup) by John Miller, of Portland, OR; and Idogata Tea Bowl interior with copper glaze by Sachiko Furuya, of Seattle, WA.

George Gledhill's Tea Bowls, Tea and Sake Cups, Vases, Mizusashi, & Jars have long been popular with our clientele. His work is influenced by the nature of the materials he works with, many of which he sources locally near his farm in the high desert area of SE Idaho. His pieces are often highly regarded among tea enthusiasts for their wabi quality.

We are pleased to start showing the work of John Miller, from Portland. A native of the New York and a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, John's work is strongly influenced by mingei and mingei-influenced potters such as Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, and Shimaoka Tatsuzo. His tea cups have the warm feeling of long-ago country potters.

Sachiko Furuya, orignally from Yamanashi Prefecture on the west side of Mount Fuji, is another local potter whose work has been highly collected among WaSabiDou and Charaku customers. They are elegant while still allowing the nature of the materials show through. Lately, she has been working with copper glaze, creating lovely blue pools on her tea bowls and dishes. We have a number of chawan and tableware pieces available now in the showroom.

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