Friday, December 04, 2009

Tougei Taisai at Tsubaki Jinja; August 21, 2005

I put together this event as a way to show appreciation and support for local potters and for my friends at Tsubaki Shrine; located in Granite Falls, WA. It's not unusual in Japan for a Shinto priest to come out and bless a kiln prior to an important firing. Here, we had potters come out to the shrine (the only one of its kind outside of Japan, we're lucky!) and be blessed by Reverend Koichi Barrish. Potters also had pieces blessed that were later sold at a fundraising event held on the shrine grounds. About 30 potters had work in the sale and about 50 attended the event overall. Flutist Gary Stroutsos performed an offering concert on all ceramic instruments created by potter Rod Kendall, of Olymia, WA. See a separate blog at for full details. See for info on the shrine.

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