Friday, December 04, 2009

WaSabiDou Updates...long time coming

As you can see by the following posts, I'm a terrible blogger.
I've updated some of the highlights of the past few years all in one day. To sum up; two young kids and devotion to family, two businesses, and living in a rural area where I'd rather be out picking blueberries in summer, or marveling at the flight of snow geese in winter, instead in being inside on a computer make me a lazy blogger. When I am inside, I'd rather be imbibing a bowl of matcha or a cup of tea with my wife. But, I've resolved to do better at this blogging thing.
In the past few years; there have been a number of tea tastings and talks for college classes, pottery and architecture groups on Mingei, Tea, Woodblock Prints, and Wabi Sabi Aesthetics. We've had sales, music events, art exhibits, and more. The following posts are just some of the main events since the time of my last update in May 2005! Reading these will let you know a little more of what I'm all about. Please feel free to write me with any comments or questions. Peace.
P.S. The bowl pictured above is a black raku chawan by George Gledhill.

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