Friday, December 04, 2009

WaSabiDou Launches Charaku Fine Japanese Tea! December 2008

My long-time love of tea has finally come to fruition with my own line of fine Japanese tea. Charaku, literally the "Pleasure of Tea" was launched in December of 2008 with an independent website,

Partnering with suppliers and farmers in Japan, my goal is to introduce the width and depth of the Japanese tea experience. This of course includes well-made tea wares that connect the user to nature and to the artisan. We carry a wide range of leaf teas representing a variety of appellations and processing styles around Japan. We also have Premium Organic Matcha, granite stone-milled for an authetic experience. Our teas are fresh packed in small nitrogen-flushed batches for maximum freshness and health benefits.

Our website and packaging get lots of compliments for their aesthetics and I always like to give credit to these good friends; the calligrapher, Chiyo Sanada; and the web designers, DonnaClaire Design. Please visit the "Resources" page of the website for contact info for both; and continue to browse for tea, tea wares, and tea education. Dozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

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